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A Subscription Service Catering to Mangers and Labels

Providing top quality content with in-depth writing giving the readers a journey into the world of music.

Entry Level

$99.99 Per Month / Saving $130

Powerful tools for social business.
  • 4 Express Slots  (7 Day Turnaround)
  • 1 Featured Articles (Homepage Slider)
  • Music Player Feature
  • 2 Artist Profiles
  • 1 Interview
  • 1 Write-up
  • Reviews


$149.99 Per Month / Saving $250

Powerful tools for social business.
  • 6 Express Slots  (7 Day Turnaround)
  • 2 Featured Articles (Homepage Slider)
  • Music Player Feature
  • 2 Artist Profiles
  • Interviews
  • Write-ups
  • Reviews


$199.99 Per Month / Saving $400

Powerful tools for social business.
  • 2 Express Slots  (3 Day Turnaround)
  • Featured Articles (Homepage Slider 5)
  • Music Player Feature
  • 5 Artist Profiles
  • 2 Interviews
  • 2 Write-ups
  • 1 Magazine Slot

Pre Sale Questions

Our plans cater to Labels & Mangers looking to get their musicians out in the world of music without limitations. When it comes to our services we provide the best in the business, and it comes with top quality content from in-depth articles all the way to our Online Monthly Magazine.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Express Submission?

Express Submissions are our priority service that we provide for clients who want to get their content out right away instead of waiting 6-8 weeks.

How does the submission effect my overall rating?

When using our express submission services you are simply being put into our priority line giving you the advantage of getting your content out first. The score will be based on the material that is provided to us.

What is 24Our Magazine?

24Our Magazine is a product of the 24Our Network that caters to musicians from around the globe providing a commercial image with in-depth detail. By being in the Magazine your Artists will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people on a global scale. Our major hit cities are New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Great Britain, California, Chicago, Montreal, Florida and Paris.

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What is the word count I can expect?

We continue to provide quality content no matter the material we receive. Our articles contain a minimum of 350 words and a maximum of 1,000 words (Interviews aside), giving the readers an in depth adventure into our stories.

What are my payment options?

Currently all payments are processed through PayPal. (Accepts: Visa, MasterCard & American Express)


“As an artist that’s been reviewed by many, many publications (print and digital) over the years, I was very pleased to see that 24Our Music had such a talented collection of writers. The review I received was VERY in-depth, thoughtful and just showed how much they truly cared about giving a piece of music it’s fair assessment. Even if my project’s overall score had been low, I still would have been very happy with the attention they gave it.”

–  Jean-Paul De Roover

“24Our Music go out of their way to seek out new unsigned music, spread the word and run thoughtful and constructive critiques.”

– George Kitching