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Category: Music Videos

The Renegade Groove | Wanna See You Dance (Music Video)

Burlington four-piece funk band The Renegade Groove delivers "I Wanna See You Dance," a sassy and showy single that is all kinds of fun in a colourful and upbeat package.…

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K.A.R.D – RUMOR (Music Video)

The music video for the song is where I think DSP and K.A.R.D falls flat with “Rumor.” Maybe releasing it as a vertical video is trying to show that the…

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JESSICA (제시카) – 봄이라서 그래 Music Film

Korean-American singer Jessica Jung brightens the world with her laid-back jazz and R&B track, “봄이라서 그래,” or “Because It’s Spring.” We’re only a month into the season but if you…

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This song is about accepting the things in life that are out of your control and being ok with that. There’s a certain melancholy about it, but through surrender,…

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Maroon 5 – Cold ft. Future (Music Video)

Maroon 5 features up with Future in their new single "Cold".

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Tasha the Amazon: Picasso Leaning

Produced by: Bass and Bakery (Tasha the Amazon + Danthrax) Tasha the Amazon - Picasso Leaning - Official Music Video Produced, Directed and Edited by: Colin G Cooper Cinematography:…

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Sleeping Wolf GHOST Music Video

The quality of this track from verse to chorus culminates in a catchy chorus that chimes triumphantly every time it hits.

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Danielle Knoll – Alive (Music Video Premiere)

Danielle Knoll’s catchy, pop-rock, feelgood anthem “Alive” epitomises the fresh coolness of summer of 2016. A message of ignoring the judgement of others and simply enjoying life rings true...

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4MINUTE(포미닛) – 싫어(Hate) MV

Skrillex and 4minute—two giant electronic pop artists from two different parts of the world—comes together for a collaboration that had me excited.

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It's only two tracks, but it's quite clear that In Hoodies' She Got Caught is just a sampler of what's to come. The Turkish outfit channels a soothing sound that seems as if its budding into something, with inklings of a maturity that is almost there...

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