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Category: Interviews

Polar States Arrive with ‘Electric’: An Exclusive Interview

The Liverpool-based rock band Polar States has released their long-awaited debut EP titled Electric. The four-piece group that has been championed by BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and BBC Music’s…

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Exclusive Interview with MOONZz

That is your cool space fact for today, offered to us by none other than the wonderful MOONZz. She can explain to you better than we can, but this space factoid explains the energy behind her music, the idea of the unknown while fulfilling our potential.

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Meet Colorblue

Colorblue are a Finnish group based in Helsinki currently, but they want everyone to know who they are and are ready to show the world what Colorblue is about.

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An Exclusive Interview with One-Man Band Jean-Paul De Roover

Jean-Paul De Roover is no ordinary musician. The choice to be a one-man band is not only unique, but also gutsy.

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Struggles, Inspiration, and Cautionary Tales with Mel Alston Jr.

Soulful R&B artist Mel Alston Jr. brings a unique flavour to every project with which he is affiliated. Coming off of his recent Movie Muzik: Director’s Cut live album, Alston’s life in many ways encapsulates the struggles faced by independent artists.

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BRAXI Spreads the Love

Love is one of the most universal inspirations for music and has been since the first music was made. Although it can be overused as a theme, there are still musicians…

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Kassassin Street Talks Rock, Origins, and Musical Biscuits in Exclusive Interview

For a band that has only been officially around for about two years, Kassassin Street is an energetic group brimming with confidence. The Southsea, UK rock troupe is a lively…

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Make Way for Heartstreets

“I guess what makes our new songs better is the fact that we’re much more comfortable with our vision, and feel like we have solid grounds to grow from.”

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Brother, Neighbor, Friend: The World According to JD Weaver

With straightforward, yet solid vocals and downright impressive lyrical content, it’s hard not to be impressed by JD Weaver’s latest EP Where Eagles Fly.

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3logit Introduces Themselves in Exclusive Interview

3logit is one of the most exciting acts to sprout on the EDM scene, and 24OurMusic was lucky enough to snag an interview with the four-piece band.

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