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Category: Rock

Paramore Electrifies with After Laughter

After seeing much success from their last studio album, Paramore, which was released in 2013, Fueled by Ramen product Paramore returns with their fifth studio album, After Laughter. The singer…

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Seether Has Somehow Raised the Bar Even Higher

Poison the Parish is the seventh album in South African band Seether’s repertoire. One may think that, after this long, a band would start to lose their steam; tensions grow…

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Polar States Arrive with ‘Electric’: An Exclusive Interview

The Liverpool-based rock band Polar States has released their long-awaited debut EP titled Electric. The four-piece group that has been championed by BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and BBC Music’s…

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Coffee Breath Offers a Strong Debut EP

A debut EP can come into the world under countless different circumstances. In many cases, a group is still honing in on a unified sound when they record their first…

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The Glorious Sons Appease Fans with “Kill The Lights”

People get married for many different reasons, with each case brimming with optimism and joy even though the harsh statistics suggest that many will fail. In “Kill The Lights” the…

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Polista Cool and Melodic in Junk Of The Heart

Montreal band Polista combines a cool, 90's rock swagger with modern pop sensibilities in "Junk Of The Heart." The song wastes no time in starting with its cool energy, with…

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Japan Soul Upbeat and Colourful in Single

"WDYCOT," or "Why Don't You Come Out Tonight," is a fun and upbeat single by American band Japan Soul. The band emanates a fun and playful swagger throughout "WDYCOT" that…

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Shehzad Bhanji Sets World Alight with Album

In his 8-track album Profound Beginnings, Qatar's Shehzad Bhanji sounds blissful and almost breathtaking. Beautifully stitching together 80's rock sounds in the form of crunching guitar solos and dashing drum sequences,…

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Velvet Two Stripes Brings You to Knees

Dropping a bomb loaded with swagger, control, and energy, the Scandinavian trio Velvet Two Stripes are raucous in their semi-automatic EP Got Me Good. The bluesy garage rock outfit are armed…

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Birds in the Boneyard Rocks with Debut Single

New York rock band Birds in the Boneyard makes their debut single with “Can’t Complain.” With noticeable elements of rock & roll and blues, the trio consisting of Mikey and…

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