The Secrets Behind Terror Jr


This review is hot off the presses and I don’t mean figuratively. In doing my research on Terror Jr, it feels more like I’m about to write a gossip column than a music review, through no fault of the band. So here it is; due to the fact that the lead singer chooses to hide her identity and because of the heavy voice alteration and autotune used in the group songs, Kylie Jenner is rumoured to be the lead singer of this band. It sounds crazy I know but in the way conspiracy theories usually arise, there are actually several strange coincidences that link the band and the littlest Kardashian sister. Their song “3 Strikes” has been used in Kylie’s advertisements for her lip glosses, and their album covers also generally seem to focus on lips and California suburbs, both of which Kylie is associated with. It is also interesting that the lead singer, who goes by the alias Lisa Terror, is the only band member whose identity is unknown. Rumours have been further fueled by their newest album, which is a continuation of their last release Bop City. Bop City 2 focuses more on the corruption going on behind the scenes of the originally pristine Bop City. This comes at a time when the drama level in the Kardashian family is at an all time high. Now that we’ve addressed the conspiracies, let’s put the gossip aside and talk about the music!

To contradict myself, I just have to say that if the rumours are true I just gained some major respect for Kylie. Starting with the first bop, “Caramel,” the album has an amazing start. When you hear the type of music this band makes, you wouldn’t expect them to get political, but they aren’t afraid to give their two cents on the current political climate. However, the way in which they address these issues is refreshingly crude and gives a sense of how stupid it is that these subjects are still problems. For example, “If you really care about another man sucking dick/ Then you might be gay, bitch,” is one of the lyrics that stuck with me. Terror Jr really gets to the core of the frustration many young people feel, being that they are accepting individuals in a world where the people in power don’t care about their views.

At the same time, the album doesn’t miss out on straight up jams. Tracks like “Appreciation” have thought behind them but are just great to chill out too and not think about as well. However, if you take the time to listen, you find hidden gems of insanity, which are the best kind. Little mentions of “Throw away [her] medication” while at the same time talking about how if she thinks “rationally” everything will be fine. The same goes for “Talking to Myself,” “Death Wish,” and “Do Or Die.”

“Sweatpants” is a hilarious track, Terror confidently gloats that she’s “a comfy bitch/Fuckin’ hoes with sweatpants on.” She isn;t taking anyone’s shit anymore and she’s trashing whoever stole her lover and flipping the bird because she doesn’t need them anymore. It should also be noted that there is a lot of mention of being sick of fame sprinkled throughout the album. Like on “Personal” where she says “you saved me from a world of fame.” Now, whether this is just the band trying to rekindle the rumours that the lead singer is a famous socialite, or if it is actually said socialite getting her resentment out, I appreciate the subtlety. However, if this is the diary of an overly famous socialite, she’s definitely got some demons; just jump to “Terrible” and “Heartbreaks.”

The standout song on the album for me has to be “Souls.” Just in terms of sound, it’s completely different than the rest of the album. It’s probably the least autotuned overall and has backing vocals that sound very different from what Terror had been giving on the previous songs. They still use primarily synth instruments, however, there are many accents that you wouldn’t expect, like a descending xylophone scale, a gong, and several others. Moreover, the chorus feels rather sincere because it’s so simple; it mainly uses piano and a bit of synth percussion as a backbone. The ending has almost no autotune on the voice and it’s actually revealed to be rather low in tone. Gossipers, do with that information what you will!

Aside from the elusiveness surrounding Lisa’s true identity, Bop City 2 is actually a solid album! It’s a great release for the summer since the overall vibe is rather laid back, and characteristically West Coast. Although there are many references to being rich and living the high life, the subject matter of the album is evidence of a somewhat jaded writer with their own problems. Nevertheless, the music they’ve created as a result is awesome and will definitely keep you bopping this summer.





The Secrets Behind Terror Jr
8.2 Reviewer
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Thoughtful lyrics that tackle heavy material with subtlety and humour over great beats.
In hiding the lead singers true identity, the excessive use of autotune can become a bit annoying a few tracks in.
Bop City 2 is sure to be a summer jammer and past that, it delivers some quality content and a few classic one-liners.
Production & Mastering8.5
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