Dustin Prinz is an Impressive ‘One Man Show’

It’s well known that guitars are commonly associated with folk music. Few musicians, however, use the guitar in their folk music in the same way that Dustin Prinz does on his recent EP One Man Show. The Nebraska native calls his unique style of guitar playing “parapicking,” which describes his blend of picking and tapping. Prinz shows his roots as a former drummer with his heavily rhythmic parapicking technique that defines the feel of each of the four tracks on the EP. One Man Show shows Prinz’s solid musicianship in his guitar playing, singing, and songwriting.

The EP begins with “Lasso Your Heart,” which describes a seemingly autobiographical guitar player wooing women with his playing. Appropriately, Prinz’s own guitar work is at the forefront of the mix as he picks and weaves his way through the song’s chord progressions. He sets the thematic tone of the song in the first line when he sings, “He’s a six string player running east to west coast / making all the lovely ladies lose the feeling in their toes.” It appears as though he has a pretty high opinion of himself, and he backs it up with his strong performance on the track.

We get an even more lengthy depiction of Prinz’s guitar playing on “One Man Show,” which spends most of its playtime without lyrics, opting for his guitar front and center with bass, drums, and other produced elements growing throughout the course of the song. In the final moments of the track, we get one of the more memorable segments of the EP with a heavy emphasis on the backbeat combined with airy production. It’s a brief moment, though, and the only one like it of the four songs. Perhaps it’s a direction Prinz might explore in the future.

One Man Show closes out with two songs that return to folk sensibilities in “While We’re Spinning” and “I’m Home.” While the former is somewhat forgettable, the latter has a more poignant message as Prinz writes about nostalgia and the comfort of being home. It’s a heartwarming theme that pairs well with his steady guitar playing.

The EP feels somewhat short, leaving listeners craving more. It’s a smart move by Prinz, whose guitar skills and accessible lyrics are bound to keep drawing in new fans. With his large online presence, self-described guitar technique, and this collection of songs, Dustin Prinz proves that he is an artist who is confident in his skills, which will lead his stock in the music world to continue to rise.





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