Bordeen’s Got the Ocean Tide in New Single


Newmarket-based sibling rock trio Bordeen finds a way to establish a strong emotional connection with listeners through their single, “Ocean Tide.”

Bordeen is based on the trio’s last name which is Bordihn, and features Ryan on guitar and vocals, Brianna on keyboard and vocals, and Daniel on the drums.

“Ocean Tide” starts off with a soft electric guitar riff that has a slight delay and reverb effect, subtle enough to bring cool air around the campfire under a twilight sky. The introduction is simple but effective enough for Bordeen to set the stage and establish an intimate connection with their listeners.

Ryan Bordihn’s vocal performance begins shortly afterward and he doesn’t sound out of place at all. One thing that I like about his vocals for the song is that he’s able to control his dynamics: He remains quiet for the song’s tender moments while slightly raising his voice when needed for the louder parts. Brianna Bordihn is also vocally involved and for the most part harmonizes with Ryan. She’s first heard at the chorus and at this moment listeners can be pleased with how well their voices work together. Brianna also has her own solo section which Ryan also harmonizes with her. In all, the vocal performance of this song is of high quality and works very well for what the band is trying to accomplish with “Ocean Tide.”

Along with the vocals, the lyrical writing is also excellent. An example of a well-written line is, “Passing strangers that don’t talk to strangers / Guess I’m a stranger after all. Another good example is the part that Brianna sings (and it suits her voice very well), which includes the line, “You got the ocean inside of you,” as well as the succeeding lines. The thing with these lyrics is that they’re simple enough, but at the same time they deliver this kind of feeling that also allows listeners to put themselves into the music and find a home within it.

Within the four minute timeframe of the song, there’s enough that goes on in the song to satisfy listeners and leave them craving for more. It starts off quietly and as the song goes along, it gradually builds up. After Brianna’s solo section, the song briefly quiets down with Ryan and Brianna repeatedly chanting a short set of lines, before the song explodes out again for an instrumental break. This part includes a guitar solo and leads right up to the climax, where the song quietly backs down one more time for the ending. There’s a soft linger from the atmospheric synth pads and the piano, which should leave listeners with a pleasing conclusion and desperately trying to reach the repeat button… if it’s not pressed already.

Overall, Bordeen has a really good release with “Ocean Tide.” It’s easy to tell the trio has invested a lot of effort in putting their music and style together. There isn’t really any significant point of the song to constructively criticize; my only wish is that the instrumental part with the guitar solo could be a little more eventful for a more effective climax and outro. With that aside, Bordeen has a pleasurable and enjoyable single with “Ocean Tide.”

Bordeen’s Got the Ocean Tide in New Single
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The vocal and instrumental performances, as well as the writing, are all excellently done.
The instrumental section of “Ocean Tide,” which includes the guitar solo, could be a little more eventful for a more effective climax and outro.
“Ocean Tide” is a really good single release by Newmarket-based Alternative Rock band Bordeen, offering a pleasurable and enjoyable listening experience.
Production & Mastering8.5
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