TeZATalks Breaks Through the crowd with “Chaos”


Sometimes when we’re busy scouring the multitudes of music out there, which is inundated with brash, sometimes fantastical, larger-than-life personalities, we can forget just how vulnerable the life of an artist can be. No matter what level of stardom someone has, it takes serious guts to create something from nothing and put it out into the world and all of its scrutiny. The singer TeZATalks is someone who clearly wears her emotions on her sleeve. Her recent EP Chaos shows her grappling with the struggles of life in ways that are specific to her artistry but relatable to the rest of us as well.

In “Intro,” TeZATalks lays out a statement that acts as a theme during the seven tracks. Over intense, disjointed electronics from producer CANDLIGHT, TeZATalks states, “I see flowers grow in the cracks of concrete/ but before this, there was the chaos.” Throughout the rest of the songs, she deals with this dualism of emotional pain and strength. With the first full-length song “Find Me,” she explains that impending death drives her to persevere through challenges. Although her words are often difficult to understand, she seems to write in the chorus, “There’s no rules to how death may come find me/ I ain’t scared, I just feel like the time is running out, so I can’t stop for no one.” Musically, the song also acts to define TeZATalks’ unique artistic style, featuring heavy electronic production, a plodding beat, and especially noteworthy is its triplet feel in the verses. The track firmly establishes her voice and musical aesthetic.

The next few track on the EP delve more into the concept of ”the chaos” according to TeZATalks, and it appears to pertain mostly to dysfunctional relationships. The four tracks “Love,” “Interlude,” “Pick Me Up,” and “Invisible,” also confirm TeZATalks and CANDLIGHT’s compositional style, with mostly slow tempos, sweeping melancholic chord changes, and striking, catchy melodies. Lyrically, the songs offer only scant moments of clarity. One of the most prominent lines comes in “Interlude,” where, in a moment of self-awareness, she writes, “I can’t say sorry/ the chaos is a part of me.”

With “Pick Me Up” and “Invisible,” we find TeZATalks grappling with conflicting feelings about a lover, underscored with lines like, “I’m fading slowly/ don’t you really know me/ but you control me/ being high never felt so low.” These kinds of lyrics, combined with CANDLIGHT’s charged productions, all contribute to the mood of chaos that often comes with challenging emotions.

In “STFD,” TeZATalks exerts strength again to bookend the EP. She seems to speak to her naysayers with the lyrics, “I’ma kill it let me live just how I’m livin’/ ghetto heart with good intentions/ I’m just wild/ sit the f*ck down.” Over another laid back yet determined production, TeZATalks is at her most clear and forceful in her delivery. Her message is focused as she repeats the mantra-like phrase, “to stay alive, don’t stray your light” to close out the track, further highlighting the potentially life-and-death stakes of emotional and mental health.

There’s an emotional honesty apparent throughout Chaos that, when set with CANDLIGHT’s effective production work, make TeZATalks’ efforts cut through the milieu. Even though she is still getting her footing in the industry, her unique perspective, raw emotions, and strong vocal delivery will make her a musical force in the future.

TeZATalks Breaks Through the Crowd with Chaos
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TeZATalks' unique voice, along with her emotional honesty, make the EP stand out.CANDLIGHT's productions effectively engage the listener without overshadowing TeZATalks.
Some of the songs begin to have the same feel after a few listens.
TeZATalks presents an original perspective and strong vocal delivery on "Chaos."
Production & Mastering8.5
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