Celldweller’s Electric Eye is Electrifying

You can never have high expectations fail with new releases by veteran electronic-rock artist Celldweller. His 2017 single release “Electric Eye” does pretty much everything to excite Celldweller fans and electronic-rock listeners.

I love the way Celldweller wastes no time by starting out with a DnB groove, which pumps adrenaline into the song and out towards the audience. The high synths in the introduction give off an 80’s synthpop vibe and suits the song very well. The vocals are also heard early on, starting with a whispering “oh” and then a gritty robotic voice uttering, “A satellite / A beam of light.” The vocals that sings these lyrics really give off an eerie vibe, adding an air of awe and fear to the song. Additionally, we still hear Celldweller’s signature vocals, particularly at the verses and parts of the chorus. The vocals switch on and off from the robotic effect to keep the vocal performance pleasurably balanced.

For a five-minute track, it may seem like a lot is being offered for listeners. Industrial and DnB fans will certainly appreciate what Celldweller has to offer. Meanwhile, casual listeners and non-electronic-rock fans may not find this track as exciting.

This fast-paced track doesn’t really play with the excitement level significantly throughout the song. In other words, it sets the tone at the start and will sound exciting for a minute before it begins to get stale. There is a few glitchy beats and vocal screams as the song goes along, but it’s not enough to keep the energy levels going. Furthermore, when the song ends, it just fades out into long and distant-like mysterious sounds. It doesn’t really hit a climax and go out with a bang.

Celldweller’s single “Electric Eye” works best when it’s within an industrial or DnB playlist. It’s not an ideal song to have on repeat for a long time. Still, Celldweller fans and electronic-rock listeners should appreciate Celldweller preserving his signature sounds and styles while building on it and delivering something a little fresh. A release like “Electric Eye” will leave future releases to be highly desired.

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