The Wave Fun and Energetic in New Album

Grimy and garagey punk music will never go out of style. That’s what Stockholm band The Wave hopes to prove in their straightforward nine-track record We Look So Good Together. With quick guitar riffs and bombastic drum lines, The Wave gives us something fun with no strings attached.

There’s nothing to deliberate right when “No You Don’t” kicks off the album. Short and sweet, this track clocks in at just under two minutes. Wave comes roaring out of the gate with a showcase of raucous vocals and fiery guitar riffs.

“Noy” comes in at track two and slows down the album only a little, while still keeping up the gritty noise scape of the record. Things kick up again in “Everybody Sucks,” one of the more anthemic tracks on the record that feature some of the more dirty and gritty guitar work on the album.

One of the longer tracks comes in on track five, which is also probably one of the more fun tracks on the record. “Prfect Friend” is a lot steadier than most of the other tracks on the record. Being one of the less monotonous yet more methodic of the bunch, “Prfect Friend” is a much more dynamic rock track that seems to balance out the straightforward raucousness of the record.

“Hipsta” is another fun one, with the track sounding more sinister and tongue-in-cheek than just rebellious. With its quirky energy carried by some more of the band’s quick guitar licks, “Hipsta” has the potential to be a fan favourite.

The record ends with “November Son,” a lovely track that has the potential to be one of The Wave’s more timeless songs. This one has an old school and mature feel to it, one that differentiates the song from the rest of the more youthful and upbeat tracks. The longest track on the record, it’s only fitting that The Wave showcases their most soulful song right at the end of the record.

We Look So Good Together is a solid punk rock record. It does feel a little too monotonous through most of the middle, with not too much nuance and variation separating most of the tracks. But highlights such as “Prfect Friend,” “Hipsta,” and “November Son” keep the record afloat. We would like to see The Wave take more risks, especially with songs like “November Son,” as fast and noisy in today’s age is nothing more than just a quirky and aged gimmick. But there’s no denying how fun and energetic this album is.


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