Esprit D’Air Makes their Rebirth Known

Esprit D’Air combines the energy and power of their rhythmic drums and melodic synths, guitars, and vocals into a fuel tank for quick and immediate blast-off. The band based from London, England has everything to make the stage crumble and the floor shake and is ready to pack a punch for their upcoming single release, “Rebirth.”

If you’ve played Harmonix’s Rock Band 3, then you might be familiar with Espirit D’Air already. Their song “Shizuku” was available from the Xbox Live Marketplace as part as a downloadable song for the game. The song’s inclusion also marked the first time a Japanese-language song was featured for the game. With this accomplishment, plus a large following fanbase, Espirit D’Air already has an established spot in the J-Rock world.

Their upcoming single, “Rebirth,” marks a rebirth for the band. Band members Kai Ellis and Daishi return for the band and the single would be their first release since “Shizuku” in 2012. They had to go on hiatus since. They did return for a charity event earlier this year, and “Rebirth” pretty much means they are going to stick around longer.

“Rebirth” wastes no time with the introduction, going all out with the guitars, bass, and drums. The vocals come in a little awkward at the start of the verse but that’s really my only gripe with the song. The verse still offers an emotional and cinematic experience and the performance of the vocals—supported by the lead guitar—does a really good job establishing such a connection.

“Rebirth” offers more than just vocals as the single features instrumental sections and solos as well. The rhythmic drums and melodic guitars play with more than enough energy to keep the audience holding on for dear life. This energy is also reflected from the single’s music video. The video features various shots of the band performing in a minimal set under stage lights. You can feel the adrenaline oozing from each of the band members as they are really into it while they perform, and the flashing lights only adds to the mayhem the video and song emits.

Overall, Esprit D’Air’s “Rebirth” is so well done that it justifies and hypes up their return. The band’s musicality and professionalism are things current and new listeners should respect and appreciate. J-Rock and metal listeners looking for a fresh and big act should look no further.

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