The Posterz Bored In Canada EP

Montreal’s up-and-coming super troupe The Posterz sound fearless in Bored In Canada, their latest three-track EP that sounds more dreamy than you may first expect. Citing Boards Of Canada as their inspiration for the album, Bored In Canada has an artistic edge to it that gives the EP that much ore of a stylish flair to it, all without coming off as too pretentious. With a combination of the group’s trademark in-your-face rap verses over 80’s-esque, ethereal beats, The Posterz gives us something that is absolutely out of this world.

The first track, “Bored,” is a catchy and upbeat intro that perfectly pulls in the listener into the EP. Here, The Posterz sounds like they are beckoning you into their 80’s action movie, with the track’s opening synths swelling ominously before spilling into vocals. “Bored” is an eerie banger, with the boys of The Posterz’ delivering with some fantastic, passive-aggressive vocal work.

“In” sounds like it was endearingly ripped from Chidish Gambino’s “Because The Internet” and mashing it with the artistic styles of Kendrick Lamar, giving us yet another solid cut from the rap group. The Posterz continues their eerie and spacey trip through Bored In Canada, with the band rapping over more swelling synths. This time however, the overall feel is more airy, and while the listener may at some points get lost in the track and float away, “In” is still catchy enough that you feel grounded and cemented in place.

Photo by Ryan Jay

Photo by Ryan Jay

The EP ends with “Canada,” a track that solidifies just how mature The Posterz has become. Clocking in at over five and a half minutes, “Canada” is less a banger and more an ambient piece of art, with the band rapping elegantly over an instrumental that sounds reminiscent of Disclosure. This is a track that is hard to not get lost into, and considering what we know about the Montreal group, it’s remarkable to see how much they have grown.

Bored In Canada is a fine piece of artistic work. It shows the maturity of The Posterz stepping out of what we are used to hearing from them into something that is exciting and yet grounded. The record very much relies more an aesthetics than fans may expect, but it’s not enough that it will totally alienate listeners. Mad props must be given to The Posterz for evolving without alienating, and even if it may feel strange, fans are going to surely appreciate the growth of the group. Bored In Canada is an exciting piece of work that mark, yet again, why The Posterz is a hip hop group you need to pay close attention to.





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