Megan Landry’s Latest Single Asks the Important Questions

Megan Landry describes herself as an outsider who turned to music and art to express herself in an unconventional, yet satisfying way. It’s not hard to imagine that in being different she experienced prejudice from a young age and her view of the world resulting from her experiences comes across in her lyrics. “Questions” starts off as a seemingly minimalistic barrage of thoughts about the not so far off dystopian future our world is setting itself up to be. The almost robotic delivery is driven by Landry’s haunting overdubbed harmonies.

Furthermore, the layering and composition of the track are very out of the box with an overall symmetrical delivery of each lyric. So much content is compressed into each tongue-twisting verse. Moreover, the computerized diction brings the industrial vibe of the single even further. Not to mention, the usage of the celeste effect on the keyboard accompanied by the hammering synthetic drums. The way the melody starts to become overwhelming as it builds encompasses the feeling the heaviness of societal expectations.

Lastly, the bridge is the literal breakdown of the song – lyrics and voice alterations included. Landry exclaims “the salary swinging is bringing men to their knees… and hoarder boarders in order to take a buck from a foreigner” among many other clever wordings of controversial subjects. She is very inquisitive but critical of her surroundings and this type of commentary can seem like a rude awakening to a lot of people. However, I enjoy the honesty she exudes and the poignant way she expresses her message. Her unforgiving directness is the core of art pop that a lot of listeners miss out on in the mainstream scene. With this first impression from “Questions,” it will be interesting to see what her upcoming album has in store.




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