Stabby Organs Not Too Shabby in Single

He’s asking us to not pour him coffee, but instead we will give him our ears as Victoria’s Stabby Organs drops his explosive new single.

“Don’t Pour Me Coffee” is a fun and quirky effort that puts together elements of hip hop and ska into an energetic pop package. Stabby Organs sounds cutting with his lyrics, his rap spitting at a contagious rhythm that cruises at a good pace along with the shiny instrumental. He sounds even better in his chorus, a catchy and melodic hook that shunt this track into radio-friendly territory.

This single is an outright enjoyable experience, with most of the moving parts working in symphony to deliver a fun little track. The production is quite good too, with barely any points sounding too flat or overly embellished. The clean guitars that sing happily along are the tightest performer on the track, just behind Stabby Organ’s vocals. A combination of good composition and killer performances drive this fun track even further.

Stabby Organs sounds great in “Don’t Pour Me Coffee.” A sugary and upbeat track, music fans looking for something chill yet upbeat are going to very much enjoy this one.



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