Inkfields Stylish with Danger Moose

Danger Moose by Edinburgh’s Inkfields is a record with attitude. This is an EP rife with soul and style, mixing together masterful technicalities with performances that are fun and loose. The brain child of one man named Samuel James-Griffiths, Danger Moose blends all the right amounts of folksy pop with a bit of psychedelic rock and alternative flair. Although only an EP, Inkfields packs this record with a lot of punch, leaving the listener with something memorable and surprisingly polished.

The EP begins with “Anybody Out There,” a song packed with a lot of bite that chugs out of the gate at a stylish pace. This upbeat track is almost flirty in nature, the guitars and bass jumping around in a daring harmony before spilling into one of the record’s more exciting choruses. This song would sound ravishing as the opening of an Inkfields set.

“Cage The Circus” comes in on track two, a more accessible offering with a feel-good poppy flair. Inkfields easily gives us the most radio-friendly track on the EP, the guitars singing melodiously all throughout.

Inkfields finally gives us something more folksy in “People Of The Sea,” a mystical and captivating track that sounds ominous and earthy in its composition and James-Griffiths’ voice. The equally ominous “Omd” follows up on track four, this one with a more western and cinematic vibe. Here, Inkfields dabbles a little more into story-driven music that isn’t necessarily for the radio, and yet James-Griffiths doesn’t falter in delivering something that is technically sound and enjoyable.

The record concludes with “The Sooner Or Later Mile,” a more somber offering that is undoubtedly the more angsty cut on the record. Here, Inkfields sounds a little more disorienting, his voice echoing against a jarring synth line that pulses in and out of the song. It’s not the most stylish way to conclude what is otherwise a fun and upbeat record, but “The Sooner Or Later Mile” delivers something that veers a little more towards the abstract and experimental. It gives the record a weirdness that maybe wasn’t there earlier, giving Inkfields all the more intrigue.

In five tracks, Inkfields shows off quite a bit of his artistry, blending together a nice mix of pop, rock, and story-driven folk. But the concluding track “The Sooner Or Later Mile” indicates to us that these aren’t all the tricks up Inkfields’ sleeves, leaving us no choice but to leave him pinned on our radars. Danger Moose is an exciting record that indeed gives us a sense of danger, with Inkfields pulling out as much as he can with absolutely no fear. There is surely more to come.



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