L’s Last Laugh in Suave Single

New York rapper L is all W’s in his single “LoL,” a catchy and stylish banger that is a stunning mix of energetic and cool. Mashing together lyricism with swagger, L hits the ground running and never stops as he steam rolls hard through the track.

L is a gold mine for bars, and right from the start of “LoL” it is evident that he is full of them. The rapper is cheeky and sinister, spitting witty lines in quick succession. The beat itself sounds nasty, mashing together a lethal does of hard-hitting bass with a head-bobbing percussion. The production tops off this track, with L’s silly nonsensical vocal nuances creeping here and there throughout.

We could do without an excess of questionable lyrics that were, quite frankly, a little too misogynistic for our tastes. And there was maybe one or two questionable lines about Asian people that don’t do the track justice. Considering L proves from start to finish that he is full of hard-hitting lyrics, the New York rapper really doesn’t need to do too much to be edgy and cool. We’d really like to see him perform skillfully and masterfully without being too raunchy.

“LoL” is one hell of a track, and is an absolute gem if you have been sifting laboriously lately through indie hip hop. The best part is that there’s still more to come.





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