Wiz Kilo Goes Nocturnal


Montreal, Québec-based electronic & hip hop artist Wiz Kilo has been very active in the music scene. In the dawn of Spring 2016, Wiz Kilo released his debut long-play record, Jungle Disco, which made a lot of listeners into Wiz Kilo fans after listening to his album.

Fast forward to the dusk of Summer 2016. Wiz Kilo is back with a new eight-track record with songs lasting for no shorter than four minutes.

Reflection and emotion are the focus points for Wiz Kilo’s album, Nocturnal. We hear it in the music: Coming straight off the lead-off song, “Nocturnal” immediately produces mind-swirling soft synths, which presents a much darker atmosphere compared to his previous album. After the drum beat kicks in, Wiz Kilo opens with the following lyrics: “When the night calls / You long for love under covers / Where no one knows your name and nothing matters.” What a way to start off the album and setting a fresh impression.

And of course, Wiz Kilo preserves the electro-dance component of his album. Tracks like “Broken,” “Persuasion,” and “NLS” brings the energy to make you dance your heart out and break a sweat.

Wiz Kilo’s new release Nocturnal is definitely the kind of step-up from Jungle Disco fans will note and appreciate. His ability to progress and mature this early continues to make him a promising Canadian talent to look out for.






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