Kniffley All Good in Single

Kentucky rapper Adrian Kniffley delivers a solid single with “All Good,” a poppy and straightforward collaboration with Emmit Jay. There’s a little to be desired by way of a tighter production and more nuanced instrumental, but Kniffley dishes out a decent rap performance with some apt lyricism.

The beat itself is simple, and while “decent” may be passable, you’d hope for something more explosive from a young and hungry artist. Still, “All Good,” shows off Kniffley’s skill and ear for what is good music, putting together a conventional pop hit. The chorus is catchy, albeit not the most stellar, but does its job of stitching the song together into something cohesive.

But Kniffley’s skills as a performer and a lyricist are not in question, his vocals flowing masterfully over the beat. Here, he sounds like he’s been rapping for a long time, with the quality of his verses sounding professional and mature. Again, the chorus simply doesn’t do Kniffley’s swagger justice, but there’s still a lot here to like.

“All Good,” may not be sufficient for most listeners looking for the next big exciting hip hop act, but Kniffley still manages to give us something nice to bite on. A tighter production and closer attention paid to the song’s overall aesthetic can go a long way, but for now, we are celebrating Kniffley’s effort.



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