Montana B On The Rise

She cites mainly the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, and PartyNextDoor as her influences, and from listening to her music it’s hard not to see how the influences apply. But Montana B is from London, UK, not Toronto.

Combining talent and strong lyricism with cultural influence, Montana B is a genuine and heartfelt artist who strives to be candid with her performances. Her brand of hip-hop and R&B is indeed familiar, channeling the eerie and introspective sounds that have become a staple of The 6ix. But Montana B does not appropriate, rather creates her own, infusing in her ethnic Italian and Nigerian background with her London roots.

Her most recent single, “On The Low,” is a stylish mix of both angst and swagger, with Montana B perfectly demonstrating her craft. Indeed, she keeps herself ‘on the low,’ and just as with her other music, Montana B never gets too flashy.

Montana B sounds cool in all her collaborations too, lending her voice for songs that show off the versatility of her artistry. Her verse in “Keep It Movin'” shows off a more aggressive, party side of her, while “N.I.M.I” sounds more like your flashy, run-of-the-mill R&B track.

A young artist on the rise, Montana B seems to have a lot to offer. We eagerly await her first major release.



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