Bishop Briggs Goes All Out with River

London, England-based artist Bishop Briggs is already making noise and moving up the charts with her single, “River.”

Bishop Briggs’ single is a moderately-paced aggressive love song with clear elements from the indie and alternative genre. Instrumentally, it’s minimalistic. A tambourine, a clap, and a bass drum with a hard punch drives the beat. There is also an electric guitar that repeatedly plays a few notes throughout the song, so a dazzling guitar performance shouldn’t be expected. Finally, the synths in the song are usually low and grindy, which add to the song’s steamy atmosphere.

Thanks to the minimalistic instrumental, we get to hear Bishop Briggs’ vocals upfront. The song’s arrangement pretty much spotlights her, and she slays her performance. Her dynamic game is on point, as she is able to soften her voice up during the verses and going all out for the chorus. There is so much power in her voice that it’s easy to feel her soul and emotion. As a result, the chorus is memorable, and may cause the listener to sing along with her… even if it’s in a lower key.

The bridge—where Bishop Briggs dominates with her “ohh’s”—is a little lackluster. The melody is too monotonic and there isn’t much support from the instrumental either. This is the part of the song where I’d expect the song to be more explosive and exciting, and it’s obvious that it invites the audience to “ohh” along with her, like a goal song chant. Instead, the energy starts to drag a bit, and we hear the song quiet down before going back out for a final push for the chorus.

“River” is still a solid release, and the song is sitting 4th place in the Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart for the week of September 10th, 2016. While more excitement in the bridge and the instrumental would have made the single even more enjoyable, “River” still has a hard pump-up beat that showcases Bishop Briggs and her powerful vocal performance. Her voice will simply make you shut your mouth and run her like a river.+






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