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Boston Rapper DeAndre On The Rise

Boston artist DeAndre has stated that he “does not have to worry about his talent breaking through,” and despite being only 20-years old, he certainly walks the talk.

Channeling the stylish and lyrical vibe of Kendrick Lamar despite hailing from the east coast, DeAndre has something pure and deep in his swagger. He has a persona about him that refuses to conform, taking pride in being a young but mature outsider. DeAndre’s journey also speaks to how much he has aged, growing up in Kenya before moving to Dorchester in Massachusetts.

It’s Boston that has brought everything together for the rapper, whose sound is surprisingly crisp and bold. In “Ghetto Cabana,” for example, DeAndre sounds fearless, spitting aggressively over a jarring, Kanye-esque beat that has a shocking polish to it. Very clearly, DeAndre does not mess around when it comes to showing off just how grown up he is as an artist despite his young age.

Very soon we will get to see just how mature the young rapper is, as his debut record Northern Hospitality is set to drop this year. We await eagerly for what the exciting young rapper will show us.





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