Wanna Know the Secret? Scratch Buffalo is Pretty Good

Three-piece Indie Rock outfit Scratch Buffalo from Calgary, Alberta presents their six track album, Wanna Know the Secret? released on April 1st, 2016. Featuring Chris Naish’s vocals and guitar, Scott Wildeman on the vocals and bass, and Mark Straub on the drums, this album isn’t fooling anybody. The secret should be out there already: Scratch Buffalo’s Wanna Know the Secret is pretty darn good.

Scratch Buffalo’s brand of rock music features the gritty, bluesy, garage-kind of rock similar to that of bands such as The Black Keys. We hear that right away with the first track, “Kick it Out.” The intro consisting of a steady kick drum, rhythmic tom, snare, and cymbal patterns, and electric guitar strums sets the energy level on the rise. There’s aggressive vocals and melodic guitar solos to get the listeners engaged with the music and kick it all out!

“Why D’ya Leave” is more pacey to get the album rolling 120 down the highway. It’s a song with a desperate tune as the vocalist is curious why he was left alone, all while proclaiming his love is still there that is keeping him on. “Funeral in These Streets” slows things down but still keeps it going hard to bob your head to. The vocals, the drum beat, the bassline, and especially the guitars during the instrumental breaks adds light to a dark street.

13775600_1742644269287271_3595963273137328937_n“Get Sick” is the fourth track and has a surf-rock sound to it that makes you want to kick off your shoes and dance. As being one of the most up-beat songs in the album I certainly had a lot of fun listening to this track. The fifth song, “I Know Your Name,” is the shortest track on the album clocking out at a little over two minutes and has an attitude-filled sound with an explosive chorus. The album closes out with “Black Water,” where the band slows things down with a head-thrashing beat.

While the mixing could use a little more polishing, it has enough balance and brings out the raw emotions from the vocals and the instrumental. Overall, Scratch Buffalo’s Wanna Know the Secret is a fun rock album to listen to. The drums, guitars, and vocals play with such high energy that you can’t help but tap your feet and bob your head to the beat from time to time.


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