Cashtro Crosby: From Pittsburgh to Parliament


Jay Williams was born and raised in Pittsburgh before moving to Ottawa to follow his dreams. Along with DJ Mes, the final result was Cashtro Crosby, now pumping out hip hop tunes.

I have to admit that I did find it weird that someone like Cashtro Crosby decided to choose Ottawa to start his rapping career (although I did feel a sense of pride at the same time!) Usually, it’s a place like California that artists in their early career go to turn their dreams into reality. But as Cashtro Crosby explains, by living in Pittsburgh, Ottawa, and other cities such as New York City and Montreal, he exposes himself to the diversity these cities has to offer—specifically “hip-hop, pop culture, life, and love.” In turn, he writes these experiences into his lyrics. And in the end, for Cashtro Crosby, it’s all about giving back: He loves Canada because the country embraced him, so he returns the favour with his Cashtro Crosby-brand energy.

Cashtro Crosby has released a lot of material to date. Among those releases include 2Million Fans, released in December of 2015. Most of these songs are pretty short as only a few clock over three minutes, but it doesn’t seem like Cashtro Crosby needs that much time to get his point across. There is also a diverse sound and we hear it early on in this mixtape. “Biggie Memorial” has the retro hip hop beat with the vinyl static, while “2 Million Commas,” the succeeding track, has a darker sound with fast hi hats and deep kicks. Furthermore, there’s material that hip hop fans will recognize: Track 7 is Cashtro Crosby’s “part two” version to Big Sean and E-40’s song “IDFWU.” Cashtro Crosby also produces his version of Lil’ Wayne’s “World of Fantasy.”

The mixtape 2Million Fans is just one of the many things Cashtro Crosby has to offer to rap fans. He seems to be on the right track with where he wants to take his music. His rapping flow and delivery is good. Go ahead and listen to his tracks. There’s no doubt you’ll find something you’ll like.




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