Indie Soull Sounds Smooth in Self-Titled LP


The word “soul” is in Mutch Kasonga’s stage name, which is perfect since that is exactly what Indie Soull brings in his self-titled album. Each song’s instrumental is crafted with a precision that is noticeable, topped by some heartfelt songwriting delivered by a a raw performance. The production isn’t entirely there, which unfortunately takes a toll on the quality of his vocals, but nothing stops the fact that Indie Soull delivers some of the purest and incredibly crafted sounds you will hear in awhile.

Beginning appropriately with “Those Changes,” listeners hear right at the onset the acoustic folksy vibe that Indie Soull is about to take us through. With an instrumental that is mostly the one-two punch of an acoustic guitar and the snapping of fingers beneath Soull’s vocals, listeners will understand right away that they are in for a pleasant ride. Indie Soull’s vocals, as mentioned before, don’t sound the sharpest here, which is hardly the fault of the performer. Soull’s performance is captivating, marred unfortunately by some lackadaisical production. This, however, is not a fair reflection of just how nuanced and ambitious the rest of the record sounds.

“Stages” shows up later on track three, featuring some slick guitar work that play underneath a great melodic melody. There’s a definite Eric Clapton vibe here that adds a timeless and mature dimension to the record. “Temples Of Our Own” follows up, which is possibly the coolest track on the record, supplemented by one of the catchiest instrumentals and contagious hooks.

“Restless” has a bluesy vibe that features some fine electric guitar work on the chorus, kept tight by a steady ride-heavy beat. The filter effect on Soull’s voice is a nice touch, making the track sound even more like a nice life tune.

The most gorgeous track on the album is arguably “A Love With No Pain (Cloud With No Rain),” captivating not only by Soull’s melodic crooning, but the surprising saxophone riffs that come out strong and blaring. Even despite the imperfect production here, Soull sounds magnificently on point, his voice absolutely riding hard against the instrumental. This is a track that deserves attention on its own.

“Black Wings Revival” concludes the album, a surprisingly ambient track that begins with a minute-and-a-half instrumental jam before Indie Soull chimes in and finishes off the record. It’s a song that fantastically shows off Soull’s keen ear for suave instrumentals, completing this very raw yet delectable record.

Indie Soull’s self-titled release is a wholesome record in its purest form. Where production lacks, emotion and energy rings loud. The looseness of the record, particularly around his vocals, may be off-putting to most listeners, as it does render his singing to sound a little whiny and pitchy at most parts, but nothing can deny how melodious and magical the record sounds. For finely-tuned instrumentals and a captivating yet raw performance, Indie Soull is what you need.


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