Upbeat Rapper QUAZ Turning Heads

QUAZ, also known as Bruce Woodbridge II, is a boisterous and young artist rapping loud and proud out of Youngstown, Ohio. A seemingly natural performer, QUAZ is already on his way to becoming a prolific young man, having performed among places such as Denver, Charlotte, and modeling and singing for a Jack Daniels sponsored event on fashion, art, and music. QUAZ is clearly a force waiting to unleash onto the world.

You can already see the commitment to achieving something radio friendly and mainstream in his sound. “I’m Guud” is showy, combining poppy rhymes over an energetic beat that displays the young artist exactly the way you hope he would: loud and upbeat. “She Likes It” is no different, featuring a catchy hook that sounds like it was ripped from a Lil Wayne track. It’s a fun chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head, giving us an exciting preview of what could come in the young rapper’s career.

Currently on the Happy Hour College Tour, QUAZ is a spark plug of energy waiting to explode. With an upbeat personality that pops and fizzles and shines through his music, it’s no wonder the young and charismatic rapper is already turning heads.



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