Get Caught in The Blue Stones’ Black Holes


Windsor, Ontario-based rock band The Blue Stones presents their album “Black Holes” which was released on April 15th, 2016.

The album begins with an introductory one minute track called “Airlock,” featuring spacey, galactic guitars that darken the listener’s world and transforms it into a ride between the stars. It perfectly transitions into the first track, “The Drop.” Immediately, the slow banging tempo tightly engages listeners, matching their own attitudes with the song’s attitude. This bluesy rock style sets an exciting impression of what this album is going to be about, and listeners can’t help but listen on.

“Black Holes (Solid Ground)” starts off with a mesmerizing guitar riff before building right into a bang. This song contains an energizing and twisting chorus that gets listeners pumping their fists into the air. “The Hard Part” keeps the mean attitude going with an alluring, moderately-paced love song with lyrics and a melody that makes it easy to sing along. “Be My Flame” offers a similar theme, with the vocalist asking you to be his fire and flame.

“Lay” slows things down and dims the light with words of encouragement, reminding the listener that “it’s not over now.” “Little Brother” brings the heat back up with a meaner sound, while “Midnight” has a cooler atmosphere that heightens at the start of the instrumental break before bringing it right back down dominated by gripping drum rhythms. “Midnight” connects with all the listener’s senses and makes it an appropriate soundtrack for downtown midnight exploration.

“Orbit,” in comparison with the first track “Airlock,” has a similar galactic atmosphere with soft synth arpeggios that lasts for about fifty seconds, and transitions into the last track, “Magic,” where the synths fade into electric guitar strums, with the drums and the bass following right after. “Magic” is truly a magical track, and takes total control of the listener’s emotions and thoughts. It’s the most strikingly unique song from the rest of the album, with the sound featuring more alternative rock elements.

The Blue Stones’ “Black Holes” impresses from start to finish with a little variety and surprises. Rock and blues fans will surely be extremely happy with what The Blue Stones has to offer. After listening to this album, I can understand why this band already has some significant attention by being featured in TV shows such as Suits, Battle Creek, Parks and Recreation, and Monday Night Football. There’s no question that this album will suck you into a black hole.

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