Ambitious Jody Leylac Ready For Bigger Stage

Combining Reggae-fused R&B with the cosmopolitan swagger of New York City, Jody Leylac has the makings of a hungry young artist ready to make something even bigger.

Aside from the production quality that exposes Leylac’s underground nature, there’s very little that makes obvious just how inexperienced she is as an artist. Her performing prowess is unquestionable, riding strongly against the instrumentals that are all varied and well-written. “Love Me” is a radio-friendly, reggae-inspired cut that is catchy and poppy, creating something scintillating while being conventional and enjoyable. “This Love Thing” meanwhile is more of a low energy ballad that features some heartfelt vocals and lyrics. It’s a fair contrast from cuts such as “Running From The Rain” that echoes the feel of upbeat, 90’s pop R&B. Jody Leylac’s catalogue of songs sprawls across many different genres and sounds, and you can be sure to find something that you will enjoy.

The feel of someone’s personality is just as important as the music itself, and throughout Leylac’s music you can hear the hunger for the young artist to achieve more. She’s not simply a young artist seeking money and fame, but someone who genuinely has a passion for making something wonderful, and the collection of music she boasts already indicates this. She already has the vision and the tools to make what she wants; we eagerly await for her to execute and take the next step.



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