Gus McArthur Has Been Impassioned From Birth


Mixing rap and metal, Gus McArthur probably has his own audience. Gus McArthur sure has vocal chops, especially demonstrated when he belts out loud.

In the first track, Impassioned From birth, there is a definite application of these chops, layered through lyrics rapped and sung. The guitar and drums parts are from another time, I honestly didn’t know people still shredded! Or maybe that was an ode to Joe Stump, though most readers here are too young to know who that is. It must feel good and cathartic to express one’s self like that, though!

artworks-000138295749-fggm50-t500x500In Succubus, it’s blatant someone hurt Gus! And Gus is angry, man! That girl must have done a lot for her to be hated this much. With a rapid succession of lyrics, Gus has a lot to say to her, and gets into some profound emotional need to tell it all.

Once again, the arrangement is heavy on guitars and goes from a sort of rock ballad to a thrash metal. It must have been fun to record the drums as there is a lot of double-calf-building-kicks.
Somewhere though, I do believe we all have dark thoughts at one point or another in our lives. I would however be slightly scared to be that girl talked about in this track, which at over 5 minutes says a lot about the level of hatred towards that poor human being.

Overlord starts full and reminiscent of fast trains and cinematic shots of high speeding motorcycles. The lyrics are plenty and almost blazé…. The vocal delivery is sort of hard to follow as it doesn’t intuitively match with the text which goes into some pretty profound tirades about society and give an opinion on the state of the world.

12814650_992694714142999_7662024481246292212_nGood Evening starts in a very contradicting manner compared to the rest of what we heard so far. With what sounds like a homage to Freddie Mercury to me, the ballad starts hopeful and almost sparkly. It of course goes back to a fuller “wall of sound” dark metal place.

Slaves of the North Sea morphs a sample into a really fast tempoed metal track which seems to be denouncing what pushes people toward sacrificing other people… The words genocide, war resonate as well as the chorus “Slaves of the North Sea dying for their God”. An opinionated piece for sure that switches between a few different vibes and speed.

I’m sure there is conceptualized planned story behind all the lyrics, unfortunately they are hard to follow with so much going on behind the vocals.

Personally it’s not the type of music that makes me vibe. I can appreciate the work and time spent in it, and the fact that there is an audience for it.

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