Xander Demos and His Guitar is a Light Under a Darkened Sky


Xander Demos, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, takes his slick guitar skills centre stage for his single, Under A Darkened Sky.

Xander-Demos-at-House-Of-Rock-crop2While the song is originally eight minutes long, the version I am listening to for this review is a four-minute radio edit.

Under A Darkened Sky has a fiery, intense metal sound from beginning to end that gets the audience immediately on their feet and engaged. The vocal performance is emotional and powerful, accompanied by meaningful lyrics. The vocals do a very great job controlling the dynamics of the song along with the instrumental: The song gets quiet and calming for the verses and builds up before going full force for the chorus. While the choruses are memorable and cinematic, the lead guitar throughout the song is the staple of the song. The guitar work is truly a great representation of Xander Demos’ skill and musicality, and it’s showcased very well in Under A Darkened Sky.

One downside with Under A Darkened Sky is the mixing. The vocals and the lead guitar can be heard clearly but the balance across all instrument tracks and have room for improvement and polishing. In addition, as a radio edit, the cuts are way too obvious and I can clearly hear where cuts were made to make the song shorter. As a result they don’t blend and transition together very well. The fade-out for the outro is also very awkward, and it doesn’t end the song well which is opposite to how the song started—with a bang.

Overall, Xander Demos’ single Under A Darkened Sky is a fast, driving metal song that cooks up a storm and excellently showcases his guitar skill.

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