Heavy Metal Giants, Queensrÿche Release New Single


What can you say about a band that just keeps on going? It’s been over thirty years since Queensrÿche began writing music, and fourteen studio albums anticipate their latest single “Arrow Of Time.” Fourteen full albums of material have shaped this track. In an industry characterized by plastic vogue, and flash-in-the-pan groups, it really is rare to see some of the old guard still kicking around while finding the time to continue in their creative pursuits.

11705278_691216927678129_2540539110422705445_nOf course, the few groups that do so tend to stick to what they know best. In this case, “Arrow Of Time” does exactly such. The track is an unabashed and honestly metal clinic, characterized by all of those qualities that came to define the sound of groups such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest- shrieking vibrato, high voltage guitars (usually harmonizing in thirds), and a relentless rhythm section.

To its credit, or to a fault, “Arrow Of Time” doesn’t fuck with the formula. The song begins with a harmonized guitar riff, quickly joined by the bass and drums, before dropping off into an open verse. New addition Todd La Torre has really taken notes from Bruce Dickinson on this track. The vocals are theatrical, and powerful in a way that can’t be faked even with today’s recording cheats. In fact, the entire effort smacks of ability honed and earned over the course of a long career- a feat that deserves as much attention as it does praise.

It’s hard to imagine Queensrÿche getting back into the popular arena, and of course, you expect the group knows this. This fact makes the track all the more enjoyable. Outside of the limelight, of popular attention, Queensrÿche are just writing heavy metal songs, because that’s what they want to do.

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