The Bilz & Kashif – TheTrinity (Album Review)

Over the decades, R&B has changed drastically, taking on faces of the many significant personalities that became Idolized for their talent. The Bilz & Kashif have brought their own take on R&B to the table—sprouted in the city of Montreal—and are achieving international success as multi-lingual world musicians. All three members are relative to regions in Southern Asia as well as India, giving them both the stylistic and musical attributes that has appealed to many cultures, while also presenting the Canadian-urban (rather suburban) musical style.

This year the group dropped their third album, “The Trinity”, on April 13th, featuring eleven new tracks with two flashy videos to illustrate. The singles are getting relayed through live performances in large venues and radio stations, globally. They released their first single off the album on Bilz Music (their label), titled “My Ride”. The song starts out like so many singles before it, with a popping synth line that gets dropped into the beat with a careful spatter of electric drums. Kashif opens the album with a strong melody, and yet questionable metaphors comparing cars and women.

The Bilz & Kashif

“Tere Nainon Mien” is the next recognized single on the album but fills the middle of the album nicely, being fifth on the tracklist. The story seems to be that of a lost love, however, the first verse is in Hindi, until Kashif takes over on the second, pressing on in English and bringing their signature, culturally rich sound. “Tere Nainon” expresses feelings shared by many, but in a simple and minimalistic way.

“Deewana” and “Su Kare Che” stand out most brightly in the spectrum of diversity. “Su Kare” has a loose, eastern influence, and a jungly, asiatic beat with a hook that does its job well, keeping listeners caught up in the hype. “Deewana” on the other hand adds nice contrast as a dubbed out summertime groove, with accenting trumpets over smooth vocals.

The upbringing of this recent glittered and glamoured release has an especially spirited story, as The Bilz & Kashif have put some of their music into raising money for charity. To many people, this has highlighted their strong communal sense and dignifies their diversity, furthering their influence across the globe.


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  1. This video is such a deep load of nut roasting rubbish. Booty ho bullshit!

  2. stop being an ignorant dick Morky, go check the rest of their videos before judging. They’ve hit charts single for the club hos, don’t hate! Dumb ass internet thug!

  3. I saw all their videos and their booty ho pathetic-ness is ripe and ready to see. Only Kashif saves the day with his camp sexy swagger at times. Those Bilz (especially DJ Vicious) just dont cut the slate. All gunpowder and no flame you know what I’m saying?

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