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The Sky’s the Limit for Haliwel

From their humble beginnings in 2011 to their recent signing onto Quarter Mile Entertainment/Records and 3Thirteen Entertainment Group/eOne Music, Haliwel has been on an upward trajectory and has shown no signs of stopping.

Linda Lind Keeps It Burning

After graduating from high school in Sweden, Linda Lind moved to Los Angeles to follow her dreams. With a quality voice like hers, she is destined for huge things.

Emapea’s Breathtaking Debut

There is nothing inherently new about acid jazz as a genre – it’s been around since the mid 80s. But the way that it has been evolving and incorporating new sounds, styles, and advances in electronica technology has resulted in some truly innovative music. Point in fact: Emapea.

Monroe Park’s self-titled EP still needs some refinement.

I should begin by noting that not everything is amiss in Monroe Park’s self-titled EP. Some intricate guitar sections appear with relative consistency in the tracks, such as the riveting acoustic sections in Track 5, “Sunsets and Chruchbells” and the interesting electric sections in Track 1, “My Crane Maggie”.