Parcels A Troupe of Coolness

(Featured Image Photo by David Goltz Photography) Hailing from Berlin and Byron Bay, five man troupe Parcels brings together a craft that combines funk music with...

Jay Felicite Seeks To Captivate

Sliding smoothly out of London, UK, Jay Felicite is a sensual and skillful R&B artist. Combining sounds from the likes of hip hop, dancehall, and reggae, Felicite...

E. Alvin’s Quest For Gold

Solo artist E Alvin is an upbeat personality from Connecticut, whose artsy and glitzy demeanour is reflected in his music. His brand of pop is colourful, far from indicative of his relative inexperience as an artist.

Excuse Me, It’s Abrizzle

It’s a fiery, party-ready track that is waiting to be spun. ABrizzle’s “Excuse Me” is a fun single that shows off a fun window into what...

All’s not lost for Dylan Briscall

Dylan Briscall is an up and coming singer/songwriter with a debut 3 track EP making its way into the pop rock scene. The start of the EP is shaky, with the first track, “Love Like You” suffering from a number of problems.

Bom Dia a NavesHarris

NaveHarris is an up-and-coming folk duo based in Sao Paolo, Brazil with members Jair Naves and Britt Harris. Their sound is very raw and earthy, usually with a major emphasis on the duo’s voices.

Tony Starxx, Electronic Music Maestro

Tony Starxx is a producer from Atlanta. He has no one set genre, although he incorporates electronic music into many of his tracks. The song of his that has received the most buzz is “Love Will Never Do.”