New Music: Lil Yachty – Lady in Yellow

Official video for “Lady In Yellow” from Teenage Emotions. Buy + stream now: https://Yachty.lnk.to/AllTheTeenageEm… Lil Yachty online: https://www.lilyachty.com http://instagram.com/lilyachty https://twitter.com/lilyachty https://www.facebook.com/lilyachtysai… Music video by Lil Yachty...

Tony Starxx, Electronic Music Maestro

Tony Starxx is a producer from Atlanta. He has no one set genre, although he incorporates electronic music into many of his tracks. The song of his that has received the most buzz is “Love Will Never Do.”

Oddisee Continues His Ascent with “AlWasta”

The term “conscious rapper” seems odd. Don’t all rappers have to be physically conscious to perform? In reality, the term usually denotes those who write about topics like politics and social justice but it can also potentially denigrate other rappers outside of the niche.

“Soda” is Flat

Twin Tarentino, an artist from the Bronx, recently released “Soda.” Its cover art on Soundcloud features a giant graphic of a bottle cap bearing the word “Soda” in the style of the Coca-Cola logo.

“Jaded” is too Generic

The artwork that FreshFromDE has uploaded onto SoundCloud for “Jaded” features the name of the song in a huge, bold typeface.

Shar “All Night Liquor”

Tracks that explore the dark side of alcohol are less common, and if Kendrick’s “Swimming Pools” and Mobb Deep’s “Drink Away the Pain (Situations)” are anything to go by, they tend to be better.

M-city Solo Pursues his Dreams

M-city Solo, Milli Millz, and Meet Sims are three Montreal-based hip-hop artists. And any rapper can tell you that to succeed, you have to pursue your dreams.

The Phantom of Hip Hop Shows Himself

Anonymous, the self-proclaimed Phantom of Hip Hop, is paradoxically looking to make a name for himself. Born in the Bahamas, but Barbados-based, Anonymous has been busy making music.

King L.E.O.

King L.E.O., a hip-hop artist from Anchorage, Alaska, has released “Distribution.” But does he have that “audio crack-rock” like Chris Webby, or will he fizzle out like bad hash?

Step into the Cypher with Swing Shift

Cyphering, when a group of artists rap one after another in a circular formation, is a cornerstone of hip-hop. From smoky basements to recording studios, cyphering is a fun way to improve freestyle skills and leads to rhymes that may serve as the basis for later songs.