Hip Hop

Emapea’s Breathtaking Debut

There is nothing inherently new about acid jazz as a genre – it’s been around since the mid 80s. But the way that it has been evolving and incorporating new sounds, styles, and advances in electronica technology has resulted in some truly innovative music. Point in fact: Emapea.

Keep Your Eyes on Laszlo

Laszlo is a Montreal-based rapper who’s been rhyming since he was eighteen. In “Round of Applause,” Laszlo swaggers through a gleaming white tunnel—a fitting location for...

ShamGod Vibes with No Reason

No Reason by Chicago-based rapper ShamGod (stylized $hamGod) has some tight sounds topped by some well-placed rhymes, and although it suffers overall from some painfully cliche and misogynistic...

“Pieces of Me” by Jake Aldridge

Building a career is like creating a mosaic. Just as one tile is laid down after another, forming an increasingly complex work of art, so too do someone’s accomplishments accrue into a representation of what they do.

Step into the Cypher with Swing Shift

Cyphering, when a group of artists rap one after another in a circular formation, is a cornerstone of hip-hop. From smoky basements to recording studios, cyphering is a fun way to improve freestyle skills and leads to rhymes that may serve as the basis for later songs.

Duhan Makes His Mark

For all of hip-hop’s first innovators in the 1970s, it must be astonishing to witness the global brand the music style has obtained since its inception....

Age 101 Packs A Punch

Following up her debut EP “E.D.G.E.”, UK hip hop artist Little Simz returns with a new album “Age 101”. Divided into two drops released two months apart,...