Clayton Parsons Does the Little Things Right

Cranbrook, British Columbia’s Clayton Parsons elegantly puts his music on an aural display with quality lyrics, skillful instrumental playing, genuine emotion, and the mixing and mastering that’s as smooth as laminated paper.

Keeping Folk Music Fresh with Polars

Folk music is one of those genres that seems set in its ways. It is steeped in such a rich history and clearly defined sensibility that, although its lyrical material evolves with the times, the music itself is more difficult to expand on for modern musicians.

Lee Rice Bares his Soul

It’s easy to think of musicians on the street as being from a totally separate world than those on the stage. Most of us can probably imagine moments in our lives when we’ve been on our way somewhere and walked right past a street musician…

Folkwood Tells Us A Story

At its essence, music is about telling stories. All over the world, people have been communicating tragedies and triumphs through music for centuries. The element of...

Exclusive Interview with Tony Memmel

It isn’t just that he is capable of crafting music that listeners eat up with pleasure, or even that he carries such an inspiring backstory where he self-taught how to play guitar despite being born without his left forearm.

Windmill Won’t Take Any Lies

Heartbreak rarely sounds so upbeat. The destruction and aftermath of a failed relationship is a well-trodden area for lyrical inspiration and the accompanying music is often just as gloomy as the subject.