“Urban Flora” Turns Up the Heat

Could “sex” be considered a genre of music? Sure, artists have been writing about it for years, creating a canon of music that gives the rest of us a soundtrack to that most primal act, but certain material takes it to another level, exuding sex in all of its frequencies.

Mat Devine Finds Something New

Mat Devine, lead singer of Kill Hannah went out on his own back in 2013. Whenever an artist makes a major move like that, it’s inherently risky, but the reward is also something most musicians spend their lives chasing: Artistic growth.

Carpenter Brut’s Epic Trilogy

Carpenter Brut’s “Trilogy” is a celebration of the French artist’s gloomy and satanic music brand, one that crushes 80’s-inspired movies, video games, and electro pop synths...

Soft Bells for Hemsworth

Released in November “Snow in Newark” ft. Dawn Golden is the first single from Ryan Hemsworth’s 2014 album Alone for the First Time (via Last Gang/Secret...