Chaz Can’t Go On Without You

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Chaz Robinson is a singer/songwriter, dancer, model, actor, and professional jump roper. His latest single is “Without You” which was released in April of 2016.

Relax in the NSS Lounge

To date, there are four singles released on his SoundCloud, and each song has a varying taste in what NSS has to offer for listeners. First up, there’s the “Ten Years After Remix” of the song, “Vangelic.”

EveryQuest’s EP Shows Promise

EveryQuest, an indie electronic band based out of Edinburgh, Scotland, presents their two-track EP EveryQuest EP released late March of 2016. “Whiteout” is the first track...

Voicians Strikes Again

Hitting hard with the first part of his debut album with the prolific FiXT, Voicians once again demonstrates the plethora of skills and sounds that have earned him a following amongst fans of EDM and industrial music alike.

3logit Awakens All Senses in Face It

3logit is a four-piece electronic dance music band based in Prague, Czech Republic that combines dubstep and drum & bass, while icing the top with driving vocals, distorted electric guitars, and gritty synths in their album Face It, released in December 2015.

S.E.T.I. Seeks “Êxtase”

When electronics were first integrated into common musical practices, it was all but guaranteed that there would always be a push and pull between programming music and playing it live.

Take a trip to Vallis Alps

Vallis Alps delivers their touch of electronic music that is fresh, new, and different. Through their self-titled album, the rising duo—who goes by the names of...