E. Alvin’s Quest For Gold

Solo artist E Alvin is an upbeat personality from Connecticut, whose artsy and glitzy demeanour is reflected in his music. His brand of pop is colourful, far from indicative of his relative inexperience as an artist.

Vibrating Universe give us the Birth Of Truth

Vibrating Universe is a Progressive rock art group inspired by a wide array of artists, from the likes of Bowie, Pink Floyd and The Beatles to modern day artists like The White Stripes and Nine Inch Nails. The minds behind this album have spent five years recording this double album titled “Birth Of Truth”.

Keeping Folk Music Fresh with Polars

Folk music is one of those genres that seems set in its ways. It is steeped in such a rich history and clearly defined sensibility that, although its lyrical material evolves with the times, the music itself is more difficult to expand on for modern musicians.

Monroe Park’s self-titled EP still needs some refinement.

I should begin by noting that not everything is amiss in Monroe Park’s self-titled EP. Some intricate guitar sections appear with relative consistency in the tracks, such as the riveting acoustic sections in Track 5, “Sunsets and Chruchbells” and the interesting electric sections in Track 1, “My Crane Maggie”.

Present Paradox – My Map

David Kleinekottman is a German singer songwriter, and producer of the alternative rock/experimental project aptly named Present Paradox. As the sole member of this group David...

Andrew Carr – Tidal Wave

Irish singer/songwriter Andrew Carr came out of the the rural village of Donegal, Ireland with a hope of sharing his love of indie music with the world. At 18 he moved to London to study music, but has not lost his Irish roots that have influenced his style so much.

E-Mute Unmutes His Voice in “I Can Pay For It”

E-Mute, short for Electronic Mute but stylized as E-Mute, is a band primarily consisting of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Theo Mak. Released in 2015, “I Can Pay For It: A Collection of Songs for the Current Political & Socio-economic Crisis” is a five-track album with a voice that captures the attention of listeners from a wide range to not only enjoy the alternative rock sound but also reflect on the messages E-Mute is expressing through his music.

Don’t Sleep On Sleeping Wolf’s Ghost

80’s aesthetic synthesizers, anthemic guitars, and slick vocals over a pulsating bass line and a steady drum pattern all swirl together to sound like a cut yanked straight out of a cult action movie, all while maintaining radio-friendly sensibilities for today’s music.