The New Division – Jealous (Official Music Video)

“Jealous” portraits the falling apart of a man in the aftermath of a relationship. Often times one can feel stuck in rumination, which carries with it a very lonely, isolated side effect.

Video concept/background:
After hearing “Shadows” on Pandora, Brad reached out to John via e- mail back in 2016. The two began a correspondence and eventually the right idea with the right track came to fruition on “Jealous.” Inspired by the photography of Gregory Crewdson & Philip-Lorca diCorcia, vintage Ventura, and life in the suburbs… contrasted with a dizzying handheld series of intimacy. By all means, the character in the film is stuck by his own doing, with the drinking throughout serving as a metaphor of escapism.

Until a change arises,he will remain in limbo. At times this depression can feel like a “performance,” as well, which is why we wanted to give him a microphone throughout. We decided to end on a string of hope, beachside on the Ocean as he puts the microphone down at last… perhaps a change on the horizon.

The film was lensed by local DP Taylor Russ and was produced by
Brad Bischoff & Alex Hidalgo of Club Paradise, LLC.

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