M1nk – eBomb (Official Music Video)

The new single ‘eBomb’ is primarily a song about love and betrayal, an emotional bomb that can explode in many relationships.

m1nk (pronounced ’em one en kay) are an Alt-Pop Electronic duo based in the UK and Greece featuring Barry Snaith from Wakefield, England and Erika Bach from Ithaca in Greece.

After ‘meeting’ each other online through Soundcloud they collaborated on their first track, ‘Bleed Through’ which hit the Alt-Rock chart on said platform after the first day. Erika is from a Garage-Rock background and can sometimes come across like Patti Smith with electronic influences, meanwhile Barry moves effortlessly through genres, his productions encompassing everything from acerbic Alt-Pop and industrial soundscapes to French cabaret and Dub-Step. For these two, writing together was instantly a natural organic process, each adding what they felt at the time of writing, sometimes structured and sometimes completely abstract, sonically and vocally.

The duo produce dark electronica, their songs are about lust, disappointment and dangerous encounters and are influenced by the likes of David Lynch, Bernard Hermann and Francis Bacon.

The track will be released on November 14th via Seja Records and will be available on all the usual platforms along with their past releases, it’s time to let a little darkness into your collection and it will be all the better for it.

Buy: https://sejarecords.bandcamp.com/albu… and all other streaming platforms: https://song.link/i/1436535203

m1nk (em one en kay) are Erika Bach & Barry Snaith. Dark electronica duo.

e-Bomb is the 2nd Single from m1nk’s debut album ‘m1nk = em one en kay’.

Released through Seja Records http://www.seja.nl/ www.m1nk.com

Video by Gash Productions

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