Deanna Petcoff – Stress (Official Music Video)

“Stress” is about frustration, loss of hope and acceptance of a situation that will never be fixed. The unbearable weight of not feeling good enough for the person you want; thinking they might want you back but can’t follow through with their flirtatious actions is a common feeling.

Way too often, I find that feeling is described by leaning heavily on the sadness that it comes with, ignoring all of the anger in it, as well. I wanted to show the range of emotions women feel with the loss of love that aren’t just the sadness of heartbreak.

Ultimately, in the end of “Stress,” she’s done playing with this person and wants the situation to be over so they can both get on with their lives. Making the decision to be done with that kind of situation is difficult but often necessary. I decided it was worthy of a song.

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