Bellhouse – Like You Loved Us (Audio)

Bellhouse releases an unromantic ballad which is a suprising change of pace for once. On “Like You Loved Us” Bellhouse proves that true love can’t be artificial.

“Like You Loved Us is a song about those pure, desperate emotions, when two people are trying to convince themselves that they are over but their hearts just wants to go back to the way they were. – Bellhouse (Emma-Lee Andersson) on her new single “Like You Lovecd Us”, out now.

Bellhouse, aka Emma-Lee Andersson, occupies that perfect place where soul meets the mainstream edge. She is no run-of-the-mill pop star. A trained truck driver who would have chosen a career in criminology if it weren’t for her music, Bellhouse learned the ropes on stage in a punk band as an early teen.

This no-frills, raw background makes her a potential standout on the Swedish pop music landscape both as an artist and songwriter. Her colorful stories from her travels, passion for books and natural flair for poetry contribute to a depth in her character that is unique in a plethora of contemporary popular artists. The seemingly effortless gift to sing and write, on a strong foundation of piano, guitar and drumming skills, makes Bellhouse a Swedish artist to watch in 2018.





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