Andria Piperni – Say Something (Audio)

The lovely & talented Andria Piperni gets us ready for a little winter romance. “Say Something” perfectly encapsulates that intense & overwhelming feeling of falling in love.

Daydreams can be a beautiful thing; a space to indulge in our deepest hopes and desires, without fear or consequence. But to boldly take action and truly live out our fantasies—that is better than any daydream.

“Say Something” speaks to a situation where two people are really feeling each other, but neither has the courage to admit it. There’s an encounter of conflicting feelings—excitement and apprehension—which can sometimes hold us back from revealing our true emotions in an attempt to protect our ego and our heart. This song is a letter of encouragement, urging us to be brave and take a chance on new love.

Here’s to turning daydreams into reality.










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