J Lndn – Like Me (Audio)

Rapper J Lndn drops top-notch rapid-fire flows & melodies on “Like Me”, as he almost psychically predicts his rise & come-up, which is only a matter of time with hits like this.

Californian producer and hip-hop artist J Lndn releases his debut single ‘Like Me’ drawing influence from Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar and Jaden Smith.

The Californian born rapper began his musical career as a teenager when he was living in London saying: I slowly started attempting to rap/ freestyle from 15 years old. My friends and I would always link up after school just to spit some bars. Nobody was taking it seriously, but it was fun.” After being brought an electronic drum pad, J began making beats and started learning how to mix and master tracks. Over the years he had established himself as a producer for other artists.

J states how his inspiration doesn’t come from a place of hate or criminal behaviour like a lot of Hip-Hip artists nowadays. Instead, he wants to help people think outside the box. When explaining ‘Like Me’ and his motivation, J said: “I make my music for real people. Music that people can party to, can chill out to, and can use it as therapy to deal with their inner issues.” 

With tracks addressing race, mental health issues and drug abuse in the music industry in the pipe line, J Lndn is certainly one to keep an eye on.

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