36? – so what? (Audio)

“So What?” by Alternative-Rock band 36? is a full-frontal high-octane adrenaline rush of a track that doesn’t relent for a second.

What does it mean to be an honest artist?

This is the question that I continue to ask myself as I attempt to construct a more current description of the life I have led and how it has shaped my band 36?. You can hear “so what?” on Soundcloud or Spotify now!

There are many things of which I believe hang in the balance when considering one’s artistic integrity, but the one thing that I have come to need in art to consider it authentic is to feel everything unapologetically.

Regardless of emotional weight, depth of thought, or scope of relatability, the content has to feel like it comes from a real place.

so what?” is about when being out with all of your friends can’t stop you from feeling alone – when you’re so down on yourself that it feels disingenuous to even engage with the people who are close with you.

I don’t think this song is really about a particular moment, so much as it is about the general feeling of disassociation that can creep its way into situations where we should be having a good time but we’re not.

The natural reaction when you are feeling super depressed is to overcompensate with faux-positive energy and pretend everything is super happy, which is what we did with the arrangement.

“so what?” is like when someone tells a funny joke about how they hate themselves. You laugh, but you also know they are serious.

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