Girl Pow-R – Friends Click (Official Music Video)

“Friends Click” is all about that magic chemistry that happens between you and your good friends. You don’t need 100 friends, just one. And, when you find that one, and you click, the rest is history!

Girl Pow-R is an all-girl pop rock band. The group consists of very talented young girls (ages 9 to 16) who sing original music, cover songs, play instruments, as well as dance!
Girl Pow-R’s sound is rooted in Pop-Rock, with the goal of inspiring others to be their best, through their music and lyrics. Too often, young people are influenced by the thoughts and life experiences of singers and musicians who are in their late teens and their 20’s. It’s time to give young people an alternative to these messages.
In addition to a passion for music, each girl in the group also has a social cause that they represent like advocating for better education for girls all around the world, youth homelessness, or all of us taking better care of our health through the foods that we eat.
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