R E L – Surgery (Audio)

“Surgery” by R E L takes the listener on an emotional journey as she delivers an extremely heartfelt, personal, & ultimately inspirational story about overcoming her own struggles.

Los Angeles EVOCAPOP artist R E L. Entitled “Surgery” the stunning single focuses on overcoming anorexia, body dysmorphia and eating disorders and most of all it’s an anthem for self love and acceptance.
R E L reveals, “Music can heal. I’ve chosen to make a 3-side album to address each phase of healing as its own story & as part of a bigger story. I developed anorexia at a very young age (7) & struggled with it for many years. Side A tells the story of a first stage of healing – facing the problem, realizing you’ve been hurting yourself. Self compassion is the first step towards peace.”
R E L describes her music as EVOCA-POP – a genre the 23 yr old singer-songwriter created in 2016…music that makes you think and feel. R E L released a crowd-funded debut EP in 2015 called r.e.l., which garnered notable praise from music bloggers, industry and fans. The young independent artist has amassed over 2 million Spotify streams and nearly a million Youtube views. “Surgery” is the first single release from EVOCAPOP, a 3-side visual album. It’s about love – self compassion & healing. Surgery is the 3rd track on Side A; the song is co-written w Will Everett & prod by ADHD, mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound.
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