Dizzy Spells – Retrograde (Audio)

We want to bring about the sense of otherworldliness that “Retrograde” has given us. We’re only as successful as our willingness to remain sincere.

The spirit of creativity is our biggest muse, and “Retrograde” carried with it an emotional directness that put us in a trance-like state. As each member crafted their part, the euphoria would reach a high and that high would propel the song closer to its current state.

All five of us contributed ideas and suggestions to the production of Dizzy Spells, our self-titled debut album. After all, this record is our baby – we all wanted the kid to turn out right.

Throughout the writing and jamming process, Ben (one of our guitarist/vocalists) would hear inexplicable overtones buzzing over the chorus of the song – like something resembling an ancient chorus line of tribal warriors singing from beyond time.

In saying something as oddball as that, our core message is that sometimes we have to reach uncomfortable states of mind to bring back uncomfortable truths for ourselves.

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