Color Palette Expands Into New Territory On “Dark Days”

Color Palette’s latest track “Dark Days” has the band getting inspired to take their sound into new directions. Involving strong themes & elements of Synth, Electro-pop, Darkwave, and Trap drum patterns.

Their previous single “Sun Burn” had a great retro feel and touched on aspects of Dream-Pop along with their core Indie-Rock roots. “Dark Days” quite literally goes into a darker sound-sphere for the group, as the entire track has a frantic, rapid-paced industrial tone. This atmospheric tone is pervasive throughout and best encapsulates the other genres that transition in-and-out of the song.

“Dark Days” begins with a brief electronic rift that’s extremely effective at building-up momentum and establishing the song’s vibe. Once the drums and guitar kick-in things really get started the band does an excellent job of cultivating anticipation in such a short amount of time. Taking advantage of every second the song takes only a brief second of downtime right before lead-singer Jay Nemeyer vocals hit, as he effortlessly hops onto the song. Neyemer’s vocal delivery is quite drastically different from the route he took on “Sun Burn” which was more laid-back and upbeat. On “Dark Days” Neyemer chooses a more somber tone and delicate approach, as he draws-out and harmonizes some of his lyrics to emphasize their impact and importance.

  It is when examining this vocal direction that Neyemar and Color Palette chose to take that we can begin to hear the Darkwave influence within this single. Darkwave is a music sub-genre that arose from the new wave and post-punk movements of the late 1970s from the U.S & U.K. The Darkwave sound is largely based on minor key tones, deeply personal introspective lyrics, and an overall theme of being dark, romantic, and bleak, with undertones of sorrow and despair. Halfway into the song is when the Trap drum patterns emerge with a bang, which helps bridge the gap between the Electro/Indie-Pop intro and the Darkwave tone that followed it. It is at this point in the song where the song takes a turn and the Darkwave vibe allows for a ray of sunshine to breakthrough and Color Palette fully embrace the multifaceted musical genre mash-up that “Dark Days” has evolved into. While the song still remains dark in terms of its lyrics and vocals the mid-point shift towards a more accelerated and energetic atmosphere keeps prevailing for the remainder of the track.

   Overall this song’s diverse musical genre-bending approach really works and creates a unique song that somehow gets away with mixing the slow and somber tone of a Darkwave with the hyped-up and energetic instrumentation of a catchy Indie-Pop and electro track. For music lovers seeking a great Indie-Pop track that breaks the mold and transcends the genre “Dark Days” is it, and it can make for a great addition to any playlist which could use a little spicing-up.


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By: S. Stewart, 24Our Music Contributor  





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